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resource imageSentence challenge!

Verbs are action/doing words.

Which sentence(s) contains two verbs?

The volcano erupted an oozing, orange lava.

Lava exploded out of the volcano, bubbling over the landscape.

A streak of lightning shot across the sky.

The ash-cloud shot over the land, rising high up into the sky.


Question time!

What do you think it means by ‘nature taking its revenge’?

What do you think is the most dangerous part of a volcano?

Do you know of any active volcanoes around the world?

Do you know what causes a volcano to erupt?

There is a famous volcano called Vesuvius, which erupted in Roman times to destroy the citizens of Pompeii. How do you think people felt thousands of years ago when they saw a volcanic eruption? How do you think people explained where the lava came from? Remember, people used to think the Earth was flat!


Inverted commas and speech

Write the sentences below using the words that the person actually said:
1. Tim said he had toothache.
2. The teacher said I may go.
3. Bob said he could not come.
4. Mary asked if she could have another piece of paper.
5. The driver said the bus was already full.
6. Our grandma asked us to go to the farm as soon as possible.
7. I asked her to let me look at the photograph.
8. The tramp asked my mother for an old coat.
9. Father asked me to post this parcel.
10.The guide told us to turn right at the corner.
11.Tim answered this was his seat.
12.Paul asked if he could go with us to the baths.


Get a friend to check this!

Life of a Snail

Do you think that although snails move very slowly, things around them seem to happen very quickly?

Would you like to be a snail? What would be the positives and negatives?

What do you think is holding the strawberry in that position?

Where do you think the snail will go next?

How do you think snails communicate?

Have you ever heard the expression for someone to ‘be going into their shell’? What do you think it means?

image of the day

The Weather Tree

image of the day


Down in the town, streets became abandoned as people scuttled into their houses to escape the sudden downpour. Those left stranded took shelter under their umbrellas, or those without darted to find cover in shop doorways. Many ‘tut-tutted’ as they went, glancing up at the sky and frowning. It did seem to have rained a lot recently!

The weather in this particular town had always been strange. The town’s inhabitants would often debate the current weather over their breakfasts, jokingly asking “wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could control the weather?” That was, of course, a ridiculous thing to say. No-one could control the weather, could they?!

Can you continue the story of the Weather Tree?


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